Blue Springs MO Recreation Basketball

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BSAA is a great organization which provides our youth an opportunity to thrive in Basketball! Coaches are not just coaches, they are teachers.... Teachers inspire our students and so do Coaches!! Be the inspiration for any age group! YOU ARE NEEDED! 


Please reach out to any of our board members for more information!


Tips on Youth Coaching:


KEEP IT SIMPLE - So many times "us" coaches try to show how much knowledge we have obtained by being complicated. Kids just need to learn by doing. Stop talking so much and show them the drill... It will get them more reps too!

TEACH MAN TO MAN DEFENSE FIRST - For young ages, stop trying to focus on practicing zone defenses. If they do not have the correct principles and knowledge of man to man defense, the player will be ineffective playing zone defense down the road. Ask High School Coaches.

FOCUS ON THE BASICS - Build a players foundation of basics and fundamentals first! We are coaching them for the LOVE of the sport and to LEARN. Teaching them wrong is setting them up for failure down the road... Its boring but its necessary. Try to fit in some fundamental work every day at practice!

PLAY 3 ON 3 - The benefits of 3 on 3 are Massive! Whether it is half court or full court you will see improvement with spacing, ball movement and most importantly PLAYER MOVEMENT WITHOUT THE BALL. Implement 3 on 3 occasionally or at every practice!